More From Tommy Edwards!

Tommy Edwards is a legendary Top 40 radio personality who spent 50 years in radio including stops at
WOR-FM/NY, WLS/Chicago, WODS/Boston, KCBS-FM/L.A. and finally at WJMK/Chicago (among others).
He retired from radio in 2014.

Tommy has provided more photos for!


Tommy was in the Navy when he joined WOR-FM as a part timer in 1969.
After he was discharged he went full time.
This photo of him on the air is just after his departure from the Navy.




Rick Nelson visits WOR-FM!


Tommy with Phil Spector who used to call Tommy while he was on the air.


Artie Altro was the WOR-FM Production Engineer.


Tommy next to a WOR-FM Elvis John subway poster



Tommy with wife Mary Lou
Sean Casey with his wife


Johnny Donovan and girlfriend
Others: Columbia Record executives


WOR-FM Board Op Engineer Cliff Lovett at work!


WOR-FM Program Director Sebastian Stone with engineer John Fogel


"Gettin' It All Together" poster



A Memo to Tommy from WOR-FM Program Director Sebastian Stone.

It says:

"Like the newspaper said you really sound fine.  I am extremely happy that you've found OR-FM to your liking
and that the atmosphere is conducive to your growth and creativity.

Your production and timing are superb and taste in music is eclectic and always relevant.

In fact, the only improvement I can suggest is an occasional "tougher" edge both from you and your music.
Since your style and taste is so refined , "just gettin' down and boogein" once in a while would
represent another facet of an already interesting personality

I count us fortunate to have you on the team.  Let's keep on growing together."