WOR-FM Airchecks 

WOR-FM Airchecks are not as easy to come by as you might think. 
Thanks to several contributors and sources, we have some.  They range in quality from outstanding to fair. 
As is the case with all radio stations, untouched airchecks are the best way to remember WOR-FM. 
They are listed chronologically here so you can get a sense for how the station sounded as time progressed.


Bob Elliott January,  January 1968
(source: Wayne Scott)
Bob was also known as "K.O. Bayley" at various stations on the West Coast.
For more about Bob, click Bob Elliott Tribute
The quality of this aircheck is excellent. 
You can hear the Bill Drake voiced liners as well as the Johnny Mann Acappella jingles.
Lots of oldies on this aircheck of "The Big Town Sound"of  'OR-FM. 

Johnny Donovan, September 1968
(courtesy Marty Brooks)
An early Johnny Donovan 'OR-FM aircheck shortly after he started in the overnight shift.
He started out as "Large Sarge" on WHVW/Hyde Park in 1963, then moved to WBAZ/Kingston NY.
Next he was "Dick Sargent" at WMID/Atlantic City and WENE/Binghamton NY.
Bill Drake changed his on air name to "Johnny Donovan" when he arrived at WOR-FM.
In 1972 he moved to WABC as a DJ before becoming its Production Director in 1982.

Tony Taylor, March 1969
(courtesy BigAppleAirchecks.com)
This is a fun aircheck as much for its commercials (some intact) as its 'OR-FM content.
It includes commercials for Pontiac, Pepsi, Buick, Tab and others.
This is notable as it demonstrates that the station was attracting major advertising clients.
Prior to WOR-FM, Tony worked in Atlanta at WQXI and later worked at WNBC in New York.
He now runs an advertising agency.

Mark Jackson, July 1970
(courtesy George Dennos)
This aircheck  features the Drake-Chenault "Series One" jingles

Sean Casey, July 1970
(courtesy George Dennos)
Sean later worked at WWDJ/Hackensack and WHDH/Boston and WPLM/Plymouth Massachusetts.

Tommy Edwards, April 1971
(courtesy George Dennos)
Tommy Edwards went on to WLS/Chicago, WJMK/Chicago and then programmed "The Arrow" (KCBS-FM) in Los Angeles.
He's now the P.A. Announcer for the Chicago Bulls at the United Center Arena voice.
He was briefly back on the air in Chicago at WRLL in 2007.

Walt Baby Love, December 1971
(courtesy George Dennos)
Walt arrived at WOR-FM from CKLW/Detroit and remained at 98.7 when it became WXLO/99X until 1975.
He later worked in New York at WNBC and WBLS.
From there he went to Los Angeles and worked at KHJ, KMPC and KFI among others.
He's now an ordained minister and still hosts three syndicated radio shows!
For more on Walt, check out his web site at WaltBabyLove.com

Mark Driscoll, December 1971
(courtesy George Dennos)
Mark Driscoll has worked at many radio stations including New York stations WWDJ, WNBC, and WHTZ.
Currently he's a top Branding/Voice-Over artist.
You can check out his web site at MarkDriscoll.com

Johnny Donovan, May 1972
(courtesy Johnny Donovan)
This was one of Johnny's last shows at WOR-FM before moving over to WABC.
It's interesting how many of the Drake formatics continued at 'OR-FM from 1967 to 1972.
The oldies emphasis remains as do The Johnny Mann Acappellas.
But now, the station is beginning to play some album cuts

Joe McCoy, July 1972
(courtesy John Adkins)
Joe arrived at WOR-FM in November 1969 from Connecticut and stayed until 1975 after it became WXLO/99X.
He later worked at WNBC (with fellow 98.7 alumnus Walt Baby Love)
Of course, Joe is best known for his 23 years as program director of WCBS-FM's legendary oldies format.



Some Quickies:

Here are short airchecks of some of the voices heard on WOR-FM during those years

Al Brady Jim O'Brien
Bob Elliott Tommy Edwards
Hal Mitchell Mark Jackson
Bill Brown Bob Evans
Charlie O'Donnell Mark Driscoll
Dan Thompson Danny Martinez
Sebastian Stone (also PD) Rick Shaw
Ron King (20-20 News) Johnny Donovan
Tony Taylor Walt Baby Love
JJ Jordon Jimmy King
Sean Casey Joe McCoy
Steve Clark




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