Additional WOR-FM Airchecks

These are additional Drake-Era WOR-FM airchecks.
They are of varying quality and are presented mostly without commentary.
Thanks to Mike Schwartz!


Charlie O'Donnell, Sebastian Stone, Jim O'Brien, April 1968

Bill Brown, July 1968

Bob Elliott, 1968

Bob Evans, October 22, 1971

Bob Evans, December 12, 1970

China Blue (Pat Holiday), December 12, 1971

Don Regan, August 16, 1972

Jay Shannon, October 22, 1972
(last show as WOR-FM before call letter change to WXLO)

Jim O'Brien, January, 1969

Jim O'Brien, June, 1968

Jimmy King, WXLO October 23, 1972
(first show as "WXLO"--note how Jimmy says "OR-FM" a couple of times!)

"Joe Blow" (Jay Thomas), 99X September 16, 1976
(Jay Thomas''s first show at 99X--an overnight training session before his official start the next Monday morning)

Johnny Donovan, November 8, 1968

Johnny Donovan, June 20, 1969

Johnny Donovan, August 27, 1971

Mark Driscoll, June 18, 1971

Mark Jackson (Steve O'Brien), May, 1970
(just for fun, compare this Mark Jackson to a different Mark Jackson from the following July!)

Rick Shaw, Fall, 1971
(terrible quality... but it's all we have from Rick)

Sean Casey into Steve Clark, 1969

Sean Casey, December, 1970

Sebastian Stone, March 1968

Sebastian Stone, April 2, 1969

Steve Clark, November 1968

Tony Taylor, April 2, 1969

Walt Baby Love, January, 1971

Walt Baby Love, August, 1971