WOR-FM Memorabilia
These are a series of images contributed by Peter Kanze presented chronologically.
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Murray The K's Music In The Fifth Dimension Concert
March 24 - April 2, 1967

As any fan of Murray The K will tell you, he was always  promoting upcoming shows.
This one was from the Spring of 1967 and featured some stellar talent!



WOR-FM First Birthday Party/Concert
June 11, 1967

WOR-FM's first official birthday was July 30, 1967.
The station was celebrating with a concert about a month early.



WOR-FM Top 100 of 1970
The end of the year list:




1971 Advertising Rate Card
Advertising Rates at WOR-FM in February, 1971



Memo to DJ's From Program Director Mel Phillips
WOR-FM to WXLO Call Letters Change

This is an interesting bit of radio history.
WOR-FM changed call letters to WXLO on October 23, 1972.
This is the memo sent to all the DJ's encouraging them to promote the new call letters... heavily!




Music Survey Examples: 


WOR-FM published music surveys even in its early days prior to the Drake format.
These are examples



December 18, 1967

Once WOR-FM became a Drake Top 40 station, it continued to print weekly music surveys.
This is an example the Drake version:



Fall 1968
("Location X")

"Location X" was a contest run by WOR-FM where listeners were to figure out where it was.
There was audio from its location and additional clues were given out over the air.
(It turned out to be the scoreboard at Shea Stadium).


October 14, 1973

Here is an example of a WXLO music survey.
This one happens to be about a year after the call letters were changed and shortly before the moniker "99X" was established.



April 6, 1977

A 99X weekly music survey